Monday, September 12, 2011


Omar Ermita, Make Up Artist extraordinaire under Shu Uemura has making such a loud splash in the fashion industry and it is just impossible to ignore it. Not that you would want to. I mean if your face has been touched by him, then you may say that you have been OMAR-ified! 
Unfortunately, he has done my make up only once but if I had 3 wishes, one of them is for Omar to do my make up every single day, even if I am just going to the grocery. 

Ok, I am lying, I won't wish for that if I only had 3 wishes. But I will happily house Omar with me if he agrees to do my daily make up. I will feed him steak every single day. 

At a young age of 36, Omar Ermita has done numerous covers for Manila's top glossies and fashion spreads. 

If you must know, he didn't start out as a make up artist. He was first a rock climbing instructor! Imagine that!! When Marie Claire opened, he was asked to dab into the make up business and from there on, he found his true calling. 

Candifier: What made you decide to join Shu Uemura?
Omar: Gold eyeshadow. They have a really good gold eyeshadow that no one else has. 
Candifier: Who are your top 3 most favorite people to put make up on?
Omar: Marian Rivera, Ria Bolivar and Nicole Hernandez
Candifier: What is your most favorite Shu product?
Omar: The brushes, all of them and eyelash curler. 

Candifier: Who's face do you dream of doing?
Omar: Oprah. I have seen her with and without make up. I want to see how I will be able to transform her face. I also want to do Madonna. 

Candifier: How do you clean your brushes?
Omar: For the big brushes, I use mild shampoo and for the small brushes, make-up brush cleaner. 
Candifier: Why do you love your job?
Omar: I get to meet different people from different walks of life and somehow I manage to make them a little bit more beautiful that they already are. (Pang Ms. Universe ang sagot)
Candifier: When not doing make up, what is it that you do on your spare time?
Omar: I sideline as a retoucher for Wesley Villarica's photo. 

He can do fierce!!

Sweet and innocent, almost angelic.


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