Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Miss Tessa!

Lil' Miss Sunshine, Tessa Prieto Valdes celebrated her birthday at Midas yesterday. We were asked to come in yellow or something flowery. I have ZERO of both requirements. Honestly, I borrowed the yellow sweater from my 14 yr. old Jacqueline. The flowery part came in form of my necklace designed by my Mom. 

There was ahealing mass before lunch. JC Buendia said that he feels so much lighter and better after the mass and I wish I had made it on time for that. 

After the mass, it was eating time. Midas Cafe provided the delicious lunch buffet where I had salad, fish, sushi and oysters. (I am back to my metabolic diet, thus no pork, beef.)

The function room was truly made bright! Sunflowers filled the room. Photos of Tessa with friends all over the world and her very own chocolate brought me such delight! 

The guests! 

The perfect couple! Junjun Ablaza and Kate Torralba. 

Check out the shoes! Matching with Junjun's necklace! 

Tessa blowing out her yellow cake!! 

And then we enter the OTHER room. We didn't know what to expect until a guy walks out goes around the pathway. Only then did I know what was next. I couldn't believe that this is what's going to happen during LUNCH!!! Only Tessa can pull a party like this. Well her and Divine Lee.

Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

Step four: 

Paparazzi time! 

Happy Happy Birthday Tessa!! We love you to bits!!! 

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