Thursday, September 15, 2011

Italy Night!

We entered White Space and saw all these dignitaries. Ambassadors, businessmen, politicians, even the Former President Fidel Ramos and Former Speaker of the House, Jose De Venecia was present. I suddenly felt out of place. It's not my usual crowd of fashionistas and bekkies. These were serious people with flags on their vehicles. 

I was able to gather 12 people to go with me to this dinner and all 12 of us seemed to be the coolest, youngest and hottest in the event. (naks! totoo naman eh)

Anyway, the reason we were there was because of the promise of good Italian food and what's even better is that Margarita Fores is the one cooking it. 

So here's what we had. 

Prosciutto Galeoni Rosse, Melone, Misticanza biologiche

Spaghettini de Cecco Alla Bottarga di Muggine, Olio extra-vergini di oliva, Peppoli-antinori

Raviolini alla Genovese 'Artusi' Ricetta No. 99

Risotto with Gorgonzola cheese, cream and pears

Pesce al Cartoccio con Finocchio

 Anatra al Lampone, Polenta de Cecco, Formaggio Asiago

Brasato di Coda di Bue al Barolo con Porcini, Puree di Patate e Spinaci

Parmigiano-Reggiano Vergelio, Stagionato, Miele di Fiori d'Arancio

Montebianco, Chestnut chocolate puree with whipped cream

Although the dinner took 3 hours, this 9-course meal was worth it. Perhaps if it weren't Margarita Fores who was cooking, my gang and I would have left after the first course because it took 47 minutes for the 2nd course to come out.

At this point (9:04 pm), we were starving! Especially since the first dish was tremendously delicious. So good that I wanted 10 pieces more!

Chef Gaita later on explains that the pasta came out late because they did not want to pre-cook it way ahead of time for quality purposes. As soon as it did come out though, we were all back in food heaven.

Up until the last bite, everyone was raving about the food. Give me these exact same dishes in a buffet and I will give you diamonds!

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