Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chef's Table. Sadface.

I have to be honest. I used Deal Grocer's deal for a dinner I planned to have with CYT, DL and MG last week. I met Chef Bruce once and I thought, why not. Let's try it out. For P700.00 for a 5 course dinner, that sounds very appealing. 

As soon as we stepped in the restaurant, the first thing I said, "It's so hot in here!!" I suppose it is because the kitchen is open and the air conditioning is not strong enough to fight the heat the kitchen is emitting. 

We sat down and waited for our food. 

Second thing I noticed are the ""tablecloths". It is paper and we all had pencils to doodle, I suppose. After being served drinks, with the heat and all, our glasses started to sweat creating an unsightly mess on the table even before the first course. 

We all agreed that the soup was way too sour. We had to add lots of pepper and salt to compensate. 

The chef's salad. The ingredients were good. Pomelo, potatoes, asparagus and greens but the most important thing about a salad is the dressing and the one they served was not good at all. I love salad. I can actually finish 3 bowls if done nicely but I couldn't even finish this one. Sadness. 

The only dish that we all enjoyed. Pasta with Tuyo and Calamansi. 

This was the real clencher. Steamed fish on a bed or should I say goo of UBE. It was a weird combination. But when we all ate the UBE alone, it was already tasteless and pasty. 
All our plates had this left behind. 
Since the restaurant is already so hot, we were hoping for a dessert that's refreshing and cold but instead we get a steaming hot ginataan of some sort. I have to say that the taste is not bad at all. It was just too darn hot that we left the restaurant thanking Rexona for keeping our underarms dry. 
I asked the waitress where Chef Bruce is and she said he was in Singapore. Sayang, I wanted to tell him in person what we experienced. It's a beautiful restaurant, it just needs better food.

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eatership said...

I like your food reviews. They are never mean. Very objective.

If you ask me, I don't like restaurants whose concept is based on a gimmick, like Chef's Table. Which is why the food tends to be all about gimmick also.