Thursday, September 1, 2011


We all know that Filipinos are probably the most talented race in the world. (Wow, that statement shocked even myself!) 

But we are. 

We have so many talented dancers, designers, swindlers, oops, sorry, I meant singers, painters, sculptors, hookers, oops, I did it again, I meant cookers, ay leche, I mean chefs! 

Anyway, you know what I mean. 

Last week, I went to Manilart 2011 held at the NBC tent and it amazed me at how artistic we really are. From paintings to sculptures, photos to glass carvings and ballet to interpretative dance we are really way up there in terms of art expression. 

The success of the event is seen clearly with the attendance of many art lovers/collectors who took the opportunity to add pieces to their collection. I know because whenever I asked for a price, the sales attendant would almost always say, "This piece is already sold!"

CONGRATULATIONS to the organizers, artists and collectors! 

Secretariat and organizer of ManilArt, Ms. Sarah Evangelista wearing an Ivarluski Aseron creation.

Here are a few artworks that the Dizon sisters took notice off because we either wanted it hanging on our wall or we just thought it was funny and interesting. 

This is Lucille's favorite. 

I like the fact that the frame is part of the art. 

I likey!!! A Michael Cacnio piece...afraid to ask what the price is.  


I will have an Orlina before I die. 

This sculpture reminded me of Janina, Christine, Cris, Salome, etc (you know who you are).

(Click to enlarge please.)

Sarah Evangelista and the Dizon Sisters. 

Sarah with Tessa. Love their colors! 

Sarah with Ann Jacobe both wearing jewelry by Janina for Jul Dizon. 

For inquiries about the art pieces above, you may email

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