Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Chefs in My Kitchen.

What did YOU do for the long weekend? Oh wait....Actually, I really don't want to know. I just want to tell you what I did.

Remember Markus?? He's my super good friend back in the days when he used to be the Chef de Cuisine here in Old Manila, Peninsula? Remember him now?? NO?? Not even a bit? OK, wait, let me check if I can refresh your memory.

OK, click here.

I was his official tour guide when he was a newbie in Manila. It is also because of him that I met AG. I keep telling him now how much he owes me because of it. HAHA.

Anyway, he's here for vacation with his GF. They stayed with me for 2 nights and the first night was payback time. We went to the mall and grocery where he bought all sorts of ingredients because he was going to cook for us that night. The fact that the Executive Sous Chef of a major hotel in Shanghai was in my house made me take advantage of the situation. I took it a step further by asking AG if he could bake a CCC for dessert!! What a life! Two white boys cooking for the Asian hot chick (yes, that would be me).

Goofing around like little girls in the department store.

He's not really happy with the selection of veggies. He says that they are all too small. Hello! We are in the Philippines! Everything is small here.

Posing with a DIZON product!
Gets down to business in our super chaka dirty kitchen.
Arugula salad with Feta cheese, tomatoes in balsamic dressing.
Iron Chef ba ito??
Tomato salad with apple cider dressing. Obvious ba that we are on a diet??

I would watch Keeping up with the Kardashians in the living room while they cook but what's that smell??? I snuck a peek in the chakitch (chaka + kitchen) and sees this!!!

I shouted, "What's going on here?? Why is it so smokey?? Are you burning the food? Aren't you a professional chef??!! Do you know what you are doing??"

He says, "Your kitchen has no proper exhaust. No, correction, your kitchen has NO exhaust at all!!"

"Oh ok...carry on and hurry, I am hungry!" I said calmly.
He's right....the pork and beef was cooked well so he wasn't burning it. It's really our chakitch.
He also hasn't had longganisa in a very long time and craved for it so he grilled some and poured beer over it!!
My honey's most famous CCC!
Life is good! Thanks boys!

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