Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tweetie for Pond's.

Timeless beauty, effortless grace, and natural elegance define top model and jewelry designer Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez. Over decades, her beauty continues to radiate and captivate many, as she remains to be one of the most celebrated women in the fashion and beauty industry. It’s no surprise that Tweetie debuts as the endorser for Pond’s latest anti-aging line Pond’s Gold Radiance.

In this new range, Pond’s addresses the four dimensions of skin dullness: texture, color, evenness of tone and hydration. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, existing spots and infuses skin with vital nourishment and stimulates its natural regenerative processes to restore the healthy translucence characteristic of fresh, young skin.
Just like any woman, Tweetie was in search for the best product to address her skincare needs. She relies on Pond’s Gold Radiance to give her that luster and radiance to keep her looking young. “It’s really perfect for women my age. It’s continues to give you that confidence of feeling radiant and beautiful,” she says. However, she still believes that living well and doing exercise are also key factors in keeping young, fit, and healthy.

Her pleasant disposition, intelligence, determination and ageless beauty that radiates from within has made her one of the most admirable woman in the country throughout the decades.

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