Friday, August 12, 2011

Mix and Matching Pucci!

If you know me, you know I love Emilio Pucci. I love the colors, style and just about everything that makes Pucci what it is.

Unfortunately, I don't have the body for it. I think that for most of the clothing that he makes, it would look much better on thin people. I don't want to shock you all but guess what? I am not thin. CHOZ!!!

Anyway, when I saw these dresses, I thought of doing another mix-match with Jul Dizon Jewellery. This time, I added photos of super beautiful and uber sexy friends of mine who would rock these dresses and jewelry.

This season’s collection is exemplified with a grown-up bohemianism and classic Pucci attitude with a mischievous twist.

The Emilio Pucci Fall-Winter 2011 Collection is constructed around the core wardrobe of the house's famed jersey separates – there is a variation from printed, pleated, patch-worked, tie-dyed, and even batik-patterned. The collection features jersey dresses that are so versatile, they are wearable for both day and night. Subtle references to ‘70s London show a cool retro vibe.

Tie-dye, now almost a classical Pucci reference, is patterned in vibrant tints of bordeaux reds, aqua greens and gold and blues over everything from jersey and charmeuse to tweed and suede. Paisley prints are over-dyed in bright pink and grey, while Batik techniques are juxtaposed over the heritage "Vetrate" print with surprising results. "Magnolia", a design last seen on Madonna in her film, "Truth or Dare" is reintroduced underlying this collection's play between traditional and rebel, past and future.

For night, fluid jersey columns and luxe dresses are pigment-treated in sumptuous hues of color, sometimes re-embellished.

Taking the Pucci girl through a total winter wardrobe, the Fall-Winter 2011 collection balances day and night with a calm sensuality and the house's unique attitude.

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