Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love it when the fashion industry gets involved with any kind of Awareness programs especially when that company sells products that I love. For me, it is hitting two birds with one stone. I shop and therefore I help. 

In this case, PEDRO, a brand that embodies modern luxury and style with a line of footwear and accessories in a smart twist of timeline classic with international influence for men and women, is the fashion brand that I am talking about. 

Ever since the first case was discovered in 1981, AIDS has taken a devastating toll worldwide. A total of 33.2 million people who are HIV-positive are living with this fatal disease with new cases discovered each year. World AIDS Day – 1 December has become one of the most meaningful days of observance since 1988. It is also a key opportunity for the various voices in the world to raise awareness of the dangers of this disease and how it affects innocent lives.

Pedro is pleased to collaborate with Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance (YAFA), with the launch of the PEDRO FIGHTS AIDS campaign. This movement aims to support the advocacy programs of YAFA. YAFA has been educating the public about HIV & AIDS, its modes of transmission and prevention. They are actively promoting HIV testing. They are also empowering the youth, both HIV positive and negative, to be proactive on the issue of HIV & AIDS in the Philippines.

To commemorate this meaningful campaign, Pedro is launching a pair of specially designed loafers for the men and ballet flats for the ladies. The PEDRO FIGHTS AIDS notebook (available in red and white) will be added to this exclusive collection to further stress on the importance of safe sex.

The loafers will be retailing for Php 3595 and ballet flats for Php 2595. 

The notebook will be sold at Php 450.

25% of the sales will be donated to YAFA.

The exclusive PEDRO FIGHTS AIDS collection will be available at all Pedro stores nationwide starting 1 December 2011.

Make a difference today and join this campaign to stop AIDS, to end suffering and inequities as results of HIV-related stigma and discrimination. It may be difficult, but PEDRO and I strongly believe it will help us to make a positive change to this global epidemic with every single helping hand and kind contribution received.

In truth, I really am loving the flats! The loafers look really cool! For PEDRO's FIGHTS AIDS Campaign, not only do I have more of what I love, I get to help spread awareness. Nothing can beat that. Buy na! Now na now na!

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