Monday, December 5, 2011

Candifier's New Look!

Last week I had a photo shoot for Phil. Star for an article that Bea Ledesma is writing. It was at Sara Black's studio and I was so happy that it was her doing the photography. I decided that I would put on my thick face and ask Sara if she could give me a new "look" for my blog.

This is what I got in the email last night!

I immediately texted her...

"Oh my gawd! Ang payat!" (Thinking that she photoshopped me!)

This is her reply,

"I didn't make you thinner na, I just cleaned up your eye bags, that's all you babe!"

NAKS!!!! Payat daw o!!

Anyway, I love it to bits!!

Thank you so much Bea and Sara!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the look! Love the outfit too! You look fab Cands!

elizar33 said...

you look payat nga!

lovely picture!