Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coffee at Cafe Bali!

One thing I learned about my 2nd trip to Bali is that you really can't go wrong when it comes to food. Almost all restaurants that I ate at served good meals. Presented well and flavorful, rich with Indonesian spices, the only difference is WHERE you eat it. 

One thing you shouldn't miss out on mainly because of the beautiful interior is Cafe Bali. It's a quaint restaurant that makes you feel right at home. 

Beware though because you won't be able to stop taking photos of every corner of the restaurant. 

Although equipped with 2 air conditioners, the whole place is open air. I say, what a waste of electricity, but hey, whatever makes them happy.

One thing you should know is, NOVEMBER is their height of summer. It was scorching and the heat literally drained me of energy. All I wanted to do is sleep! Best time to go to Bali? AUGUST! 

Going back, Cafe Bali serves local dishes, dimsum, soups and all sorts of goodies. It was good enough to satisfy our hunger with a smile on our faces but nothing to write home about. 

I suggest coffee and dessert for Cafe Bali. Remember, not all restaurants serve decaffeinated coffee but this one does. Save your hunger for the other places I am about to post. 

Love love love the chandelier! 

Loved it so much that I couldn't stop taking photos of it! 

Food wise, I give it a 3. 

Cafe Bali
 Jl. Laksmana - Oberoi Next to Khaima 
Phone: 0361 736 484

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