Friday, December 16, 2011

Lavish Your Skin with Laneige!

About two months ago, I received a gift from AG. He asked, "I hope this is a good brand, the salesgirl at the airport said it is really fantastic." I was glad that he listened to the salesgirl because I have really been wanting to try out Laneige. 

A week after, I received a few samples from the ladies behind bringing the brand to the country. My rule of blogging, I can't really post any skincare or hair products that I have not tried and tested. I don't want to recommend anything to you, my readers, if I haven't even tried it myself. 

So after two months of using this brand, I have to tell you that my skin has been healthy, tight and healthy. I love the light scent and the texture it leaves on my face. 

With my age, it is really best to assist the prevention of wrinkles and blemishes. 

I actually can't wait to visit my derma, Dr. Windie Hayano and show her my skin. I know she will be glad that I have been taking care of it with a product like Laneige. 

Laneige is currently available in Shangri-La Plaza, TriNoma, Mall of Asia, Robinson's Place Midtown Mall.

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