Thursday, December 1, 2011

Call Me Ms. Potato Head!


The facade of Potato Head is visible from a mile away! It's a wall consisting of thousands of old window shutters all stacked up together to create a magnificent enclosure. It doesn't only take one's breath away, it also raises the desire to see what's inside a hundred fold. A fortress of pure architectural brilliance awaits and only those who are lucky or patient will get to see it. 

The entrance in itself will make you shake your head in awe. 

Your senses filled with excitement as to what is beyond the small opening. 

When you get thru, the hallway welcomes you with another element of surprise. A wall keeps the mystery ongoing as you still have a few steps to get to the main hall. 

An eternity pool, a huge manicured garden, lounge chairs, a bar, restaurant, the beach, the awesome music in the background and of course, the famous Bali sunset are all for you to take. 


What better way to spend the dusk than with true and wonderful friends. 

DL, your bloggerina and TR. 

Richard Tiu is the reason why we were able to enjoy Potato Head.
Happy Birthday Richard!

Stephanie and DL strike a pose!

The food at Lilin is exceptionally good. Thai cuisine by an Indonesian chef.
Top quality ingredients and superb presentation!

 And at night, the place gets even more sensational and I am not exaggerating. Not a single bit. 

The best sunset is at Potato Head. 
One must never ever miss going to Potato Head. It's a requirement in life. 


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome place!!!!


Anonymous said...

bye bye Ku De Ta