Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Shoes at Schubar!

Went shopping for new babies at Chocolate Schubar last Monday and I went to shoe heaven. So many new designs to choose from. They are perfect for the holidays! 

These ballet-type shoes are the most comfortable flats ever. Lucille loves the flat toe end detail! 

Love love love these!!! 

The perfect wedge with laces as details in the back. 

Jacqui would love these!!! 

The awesome staff of Chocolate Schubar.

What did I go home with?? Check them out! Happiness!!

Can't wait to find an outfit for this!

Wearing these today! 

For my neutral outfits, this matches perfectly! Comfort and style in one! MUST BUY!

Can you imagine me, lying in bed with my feet up for these photos? BWA HA HA!!

You won't believe it but some of the shoes I was able to get were only P999.00. You MUST go to Chocolate Schubar NOW to get your new babies! Find the nearest branch near you!

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