Friday, December 2, 2011

My House of W/17.

I want a house. I want my own house. A big 5 bedroom house with a pool, garden and a spacious balcony. I want huge fruit bearing trees and lots of flowers in my garden. 

And when I get this house of mine, I will take my time purchasing the furniture, accessories and silverware. I will not rush and settle for something that is good enough. I want something that is truly a good and beautiful piece. 

It is my house after all, a place where everything will belong to me and my family. I want it perfect. 

When I get my house, the first thing I will do is go to W / 17. This is not a joke. I am not saying this just because the owner is a friend of mine. I am saying this because it is what I will do. 

See for yourself as to why, my home will be filled with W / 17 products. 

Thank you Rajo for being an awesome shopping buddy and a great big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Kaye for being a source of inspiration. 

2241 Pasong Tamo, La Fuerza Compound.  
Makati City.  

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Anonymous said...

hi! been reading your blog this past few days.. it was fun... you are so cool! love this part... keep it up! i love your creations too!