Monday, June 27, 2011

TAO at Vegas!

My BFF's took me to Vegas on my last weekend of my vacation.

Since we only had one night to party, we made sure we rested well after our dinner. When we got a text from our connection to TAO, the hottest bar in Vegas, we got dressed and prepared ourselves to paint the town bloody red!

It is my first time in Venetian. I only wish we had structures like this in Manila.

Anyway, we headed towards TAO and was disappointed to see a LONG line to the entrance. Good thing Rowena has connections from the inside and we went right to the door, got stamped and up to the 3rd floor we went.

It was packed. We made a mistake and headed to the dance floor and we got squished! No one cared about anyone who might be having a heart attack! Everyone was just bumping and grinding and even jumping around. Imagine the girls wearing open toe shoes!! Thank heavens my toes were unhurt through the ordeal!

We decided to squeeze our way out and headed for the bar which had ample space to breath some air and order our happy liquid.

Of course I had to get the red drink!

Being the lola that I am, although I knew about how open people in the US can be about Public Display of Affection, I was still shocked to see the actual display in front of my virginal eyes. So surprised that I decided to take photos. Now, these photos may seem harmless but that's because they are photos. In real life, these people were grinding and gettin' it on like there's no tomorrow! Am I shocked or just envious? I don't know....will get back to you on that one. (BWA HAHAHA)

By three am, I decided that I have had enough. Between the 3 of us, we spent $150.00 on 3 drinks each. Thank goodness we didn't have to pay entrance fee. (Am I cheap or what?)

Miss you Abby and Rowena!

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