Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling Queen.

I don't drink wine. Not red, not white. I just don't. I don't like the taste. BUT I wish I did. I like the image of a lady holding on to a sleek wine glass, laughing and looking glamourous. I know, petty right? Anyway, when I told everyone my plans of going to NAPA, they couldn't stop telling me how wonderful wine tasting is.

I was actually more excited about NAPA itself. It has been a decade and more since I last went to this place and I wanted to experience the culture and ambiance it has to offer.

Michael Bello, our NAPA expert/tour-guide/photographer/driver/BFF, took us to Castello di Amorosa. As soon as he switched off the car engine, I was in love. I was so excited to go in that I left my purse in the car. When I got up to the entrance they asked me for my ID and I had to run back down to get it. In a way, I love the fact that they needed proof that I am not below 21.

When I got out of the car, I was clicking away because everything that I saw was gosh darn beautiful.

Entrance fee is $18.00, seems pretty steep especially since I don't drink wine, but it was worth every penny. These photos are just the outdoors. Just wait till I get inside the castle.

The chapel can fit around 80-90 pax.

Even the faucets are ferocious!

The grand hall. Perfect for a wedding reception!

Inside the dungeon, where the wine tasting is located, there are a lot of goodies for sale. Plates, soaps, books, even jewelry! I instantly knew in my heart that my Mom was with me because she LOVED these kinds of places.

Thought of you Ginny, but they were so pricey!

After the wine tasting, we headed back out to this beautiful scenery.

The little itsy bitsy baby grapes!!!

Check what they do to empty bottles of wine! They cut it, polish the rough edges and pour candle wax!! LOVE!

Playing the part oh-so-well!!!
Thank you Michael for this wonderful experience!

4045 North Saint Helena Highway
Calistoga, CA 94515

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hmm so when do i get the invites??? wedding bells in napa:)