Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nightlife at CAS!

Kwenby told me about this weekly party at California Academy of Sciences even before I left for the US. I was extremely excited to see what SFO has to offer and this was surely to be a great thing to experience.

When we got there, the party had already begun. There were about 3 different party areas where 3 DJ's played all sorts of groovy music.

We opted to stay where it wasn't so crowded. Dancing was not even considered because we were all wearing MEGA heels.

The dinosaur bones welcomed us and it reminded me of the movie Night at the Museum. I was just waiting for it to come alive but no such luck.

Basically, it is one of the nicest museums in California and when the moon comes out, the party starts. Here's what we saw.

The best thing about the museum? They brought in a BIG chunk of the Philippine Coral Reef! It was indeed the most beautiful thing ever. I was so proud.

Your bloggerina with the hottest girls in town!

If you are planning to go, here are a few tips:

1. No need to really get dressed up. I saw people in jeans and sneakers.
2. Get your tickets online to avoid the line. It can get pretty long and it is usually very cold at night.
3. Check out the Philippine Coral Reef.

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Carol said...

I love California Academy of Sciences!

P.S. I can't believed you dressed up for it. Heehee But you ladies looked lovely!