Thursday, June 23, 2011

James Reyes on Fashion Watch.

I have a number of cocktail gowns by James Reyes. I honestly love them all. He knows how to work on a curvacious body (ahem ahem) like mine. He can do fun but he can also do sultry and serious.

For his turn at the Fashion Watch Quartet series, James stunned everyone with his collection. So much that my sisters have bought for themselves a few pieces right after the show.

Since I was in the US when this happened, I can only view the pieces thru the net, mainly StyleBible. I have placed my order and I am extremely excited to wear it to an uber fashionable event. After all, James Reyes is James Reyes.


James Reyes

See all the photos of his pieces here. Thank you StyleBible!


maribel saldana said...

Hi ms. candy,
are you still on the metabolic balance diet? may i know if there's a coach here in manila. i seriously want to get into the program. pls advise. thank you in advance.

Candifier said...

Yes, I am. Please contact Noreen Lao. about the diet. Good luck!!