Monday, June 27, 2011

MEGA Pinoy Pride, The Ballroom.

A display of famous TERNOs welcomed the guests. It made me imagine what it was like back then when people used to dress like this on a daily basis.

The table set up is something that my Mom would love. Bravo to the event stylist!

Musikito performed for the crowd. I was hoping that by now, this group would be a little bit better. A year of practice should make a big difference. But it is still good to see kids so dedicated to their music.

The event was hosted by the witty Tim Yap and stunning Angel Aquino.

Manny Poohkyaw shared some laughs with the guests.

Appetizers were presented so uniquely well!

The 5 course-meal was incredible. The way it was styled, cooked and served is something that Makati Shangri-la should be proud of. I have always loved the way this hotel showcases their food. Not only is it beautiful, it is almost always delicious.

Makati Shangri-la Hotel

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