Monday, June 27, 2011

MEGA Pinoy Pride, The People.

An event on a Sunday? Seriously? TERNO? HOLY cow!!!

These were my sentiments when I got the invitation for the MEGA Pinoy Pride event. But even if I was thinking these, I knew in my heart that I wasn't going to miss it. Actually, it is something NOT to be missed.

I didn't know what to wear and having one made at the last minute from my designer friends is not gonna happen. They will hate me. So I decided to design my own terno. I wanted it as simple as possible, cinched at the waist and short. I accessorized it with Jul Dizon Jewellery and I was ready to go. Oh, I did my own hair and make up because I feel most comfortable doing it myself. Except, of course, if it is a photo shoot.

Anyway, the Dizon sisters arrived in Makati Shangri-la and were happy to be amongst so many friends in the industry. Everyone looked fabulous. I love the fact that people made an effort in their attire. Such unity is strongly felt when it comes to fashion.

Your bloggerina with friends at the MEGA PINOY PRIDE Celebration!

With my childhood crush, aside from Richard Gomez. This photo makes my head so big compared to Albert Martinez'. fail but level up sa pagka-KLAZZ.

More on this event on my upcoming posts.

P.S. I think my camera is getting old. Sorry for the blurry pics.

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