Friday, June 17, 2011


WARNING: Do not read/watch if you don't like Glee. Yes, I am talking to you, Jenny.

On my 3rd day in California, I was invited to watch the GLEE Concert Tour in San Jose. The whole freaking place was packed and so many people took a chance to buy a ticket at the door but to no avail. Every seat was sold. Cheapest ticket? $100.00

Here's what it looked like.

One thing that I noticed...the stages here in the US for concerts are so darn awesome!!! I just remembered the stage of Janet Jackson in Manila. It was a bit sad. But I am sure that her stage here in the US would be gazillion times better. Also, in the US, the artists hardly lip sync because the audience deserve to hear them sing live. Here in Manila, almost all the songs are lip synced. I may be bitter but I think that if we pay as much as $300.00 for a seat to watch a concert, we ought to hear them sing live.

Here are videos of some of the songs they sang. I loved them all except the Friday song by Rebecca Black. That made me sick.

The Warblers!

I was still very strict with my diet and watching Kwenby eat all the junk food was really testing my will power. Thankfully, I stayed true. My dietician would be proud.

Thank you Tyger, Pepet, Kwenby and Jaime for this GLEE-LIGHTFUL experience!!!

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