Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tivoli, How I've Missed You.

I have a very few favorites when it comes to restaurants here in Metro Manila. 
One of them is Tivoli at Mandarin Oriental. My Mom was the one who took me here and since then, I have become an avid fan of the place. 

It also helps that I love the Mandarin Oriental staff, especially Ms. Charisse Chuidian, whose friendship I inherited from my Mom. 

The reason I love to eat here? The quality of the food, beautiful set up, amazing ambiance and wonderful service. 

The fact that my friends also love this place proves my point that Tivoli offers not only great food but a venue for creating very fond memories. 

Belated Happy Birthday Jo!!! Lovely to see you and Ven!!!!

Venisse Laurel-Hermano, Joanna Cabangon and yours truly. 

Thank you Mandarin Oriental for EVERYTHING. 

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