Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dinner for Four.

What happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong. 
That is the vow my Hangover, Asian Edition gang took. 
We did some crazy things over there that cannot be shared to the public because we believe that we all have some kind of reputation to live up to, even if we kinda don't. 

A reunion and planning for future travels was called at T.O.R's house and the rest of us was only too  excited to see her beautiful home and to taste her cooking. 

She did not disappoint. Her home is beautiful!

Eye candy for art collectors!!

And if you are more of a foodie like me, then this is for you....

For starters:

First course, Seared foie gras with baked apple compote and prunes. 

Second course, Fresh greens, watercress, crispy truffle potato strings and white local cheese.

Main course, STEAK.

I LOVE anything and everything personalized. 

Thank you so much for an amazing dinner, T!!!
Here's to more travels together!!! Love you girls!!

And yes, we all matched. 

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