Monday, May 5, 2014

Cheers for Migs!

It was just our luck that when we were in London, Migs Pastor and his group was also there to celebrate his birthday! Our luck extended to being invited to his birthday dinner at Jamie Oliver's Italian. 

When we got there, I was shocked to see the whole room filled with people from the fashion and showbiz world. 

We were all made to wear crowns and funky shades were being passed around. And yes, unlimited supply of champagne too!! It was definitely one crazy evening filled with laughs, selfies and fabulous friendship. 

Yes, I was made to sit for obvious reasons. 

But my friends tried to take the crown away from me.
 I think Rajo may have lost this round. 

And Dennis was proclaimed the winner. 

While Ivar, Nix and I watched from the side. 

And after a few bottles, it was time to capture the fun moments with multiple selfie shots. 

Just before going home, a shoe shot seemed necessary because of all the colors and yes, let's admit it, the brands. 

My moment with the celebs including my muse, Lucy and my childhood crush, Richard and Gretchen. 

Migs, thank you for having me. 
May this year bring forth even more exciting travels, good friends and happiness. 


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