Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge.

My gang and I took a 2 hour tour to Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge one day out of the 8 days that we were in London. 

The scenery was just breathtaking. I wanted to nap but I was afraid that I would miss beautiful spots such as the one below. 

Our tour guide didn't explain the vast yellow fields that we passed so I posted it on my Instagram. Thank you for the follower who informed me that they are Canola flower fields. 

First stop was Bath. 

The color is scary, water is boiling and we are not allowed to touch it.
Now listen, I don't want to compete with Wikipedia about what this place is all about. If you are really interested to know, Google it. I am just here to show you photos. 

Ivar and Robby have the wildest imagination when it came to this place. Go figure. 

All those shiny glittery things in the water? Coins. We did throw in a couple and made our own wishes. Who knows.....

Where the natural hot springs flow from. It's all beautifully preserved.

Bath Abbey. It's too bad it was closed. 
I would have liked to go in and say a little prayer for Mom. 

At the shopping area of Bath, we went into a fudge making store and saw this happening. I die.

The outcome. I got me some Seasalt Caramel Fudge Bar. 

Next stop was Stonehenge. Now, I have only seen these rocks on television, magazines, postcards, etc...and I always was AMAZED at how this was made 2,000 years ago, I think. I am already convinced it is by aliens. No one can change my mind. 

We got dropped off the main area and had to take a tram/bus to get to where these rocks were situated. And when I got there.....I held my breath, closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them...I said to myself.... "Huh? That's it??"

Ok Stonehenge lovers/fanatics, don't hate me. I am still wowed by how it was done but I thought they were much, much, much bigger. The tallest rock is only about 3 times my brother-in-law, Toby. 

The gays and I walked around a bit, took gazillions of photos and hoped for the sun to come out as we were FREEZING our Asian asses off. The wind wasn't helping either. 

Anyway, it is something to see, true but once for me is enough. Happy that I am able to check it off my bucket list. 

And finally, our last stop was Salisbury. We didn't get to see much as our time was quite short. The only place that we went to is the Salisbury Cathedral. 

As usual, it is beautiful.

Here's Dennis striking a pose. 

 Thank you Robby for arranging this amazing experience. 

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