Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gotta go to Grotta Giusti.

No, we did not join the KKK and this is not our hide out. 

Last September, when the family was in Italy, Jona, Pia, Jacqui and I went to Grotta Giusti.

Grotta Giusti benefits from its very own thermal Grotto, a fascinating natural cave with a hot water underground lake in which guests can enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying steam bath. In addition to the steam baths, the Spa offers mud therapy, ozonised baths in thermal water, massages, inhalation treatment, a new area for Oriental Disciplines, a gym center , an avant garde Aesthetic Medicine Centre and a spacious relaxation zone.

Cameras are not allowed but I am a rebel!!! (Actually, they weren't that strict) 
The natural steam is amazing. It felt good to sweat out all the toxins we had drank during the entire trip. 

After an hour in the cave, we cooled ourselves down in this lounge.

And after, we HAD to take a dip in the Thermal Pool. Oh it was WONDERFUL!!! 

Look at that view....

Here's me pretending to take a photo of my Aunties. 
Ahem Ahem. 

Just a quick note, I love these pool chairs. 

For those who are about to go on their honeymoon, please check this place out. 

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