Monday, May 19, 2014

Au Courant Summer Travel.

Held last week at Rockwell, Au Courant Summer Travel trunk show proved to be a huge success. I know because Janina and I together spent quite a lot in one hour that I was there. I saw a few of my favorite products and must share them with you now. 

FAE, love the scent and the fact that everything is organic. Congratulations Macky for your continued success on your new venture. Will surely order more because my friends and I love it. 

100% handmade, Crow's Nest offers the cutest toys your kid can have. I was this close to getting Thor but I was told that my nephew, Liam, is over these kinds of things. 

Beautifully wrapped soap and soap dish is an awesome gift by Cura V. I would have gotten a lot for myself but I need to renovate my bathroom first to deserve such a pretty thing. 

Emi Jorge's cutest wooden clutches. 

Janina Dizon-Hoschka has a corner where she offers her famous Shagreen Collection of business card holders, belts, clutches and gem shaped corner tables.

Linda Farrow sunglasses! If I were more careful with my shades, I would have definitely gotten this one....but I am the type that sits on them, leaves them and eventually loses them. 

But Jacqueline thought that this was definitely worth trying on. 

Fell in love with this iPhone 5 case/sling bag by Kotur. The only thing that stopped me from buying it is the fear of the iPhone 6. What if it is not the same shape and size? 

Maureen Disini's most famous kaftans! Perfect outfit for summer!!! 

Glad to have gone to the Au Courant Summer Travel. 
I am sure there's another one soon. Better not miss it!!

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