Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunday Crossover Brunch at TPM with the Londoneras!

Sunday Crossover Brunch at The Peninsula Manila
is all about quality more than quantity...though even with this motto, there's still so much of food to go around. 

Buffet. Our favorite word, especially when it comes to the following photos:

Prime Rib (medium rare, please)

Corndogs (catsup and mustard on it, please)

Seafood paella (hot and moist, yes I am talking about the paella)

Can never resist sashimi and sushi. 

Fresh from the oven thin crust pizza. 

And get this....champagne. Yes dear, champagne for brunch, and bottomless at that. 

But wait!!!!

Did I tell you that you may walk over to Spices and have the Thai, Singaporean, Filipino and Malaysian cuisine too? 

Lechon is included!!

Seriously guys, there's still so much food that I didn't get to take a photo of but can you just believe me when I say that you must try it out. 

But what makes dining even better is when you have wonderful friends around to eat with you! 
And that's exactly what I had for the past two Sundays at The Peninsula Manila's Sunday Crossover Brunch. 

Rica Peralejo Bonifacio with her son Philip, Donita Rose Villarama and Rajo Laurel.

Julius and Ferdi!

Jacqui, Ivar and Dennis.

Liz Almoro, Sonja Vodusek, Donita and your bloggerina. 

Someone took our bags and swore that it looks better on them. 

Standing - Tim Yap, Rajo, Victor Aliwalas, Nix, Ferdi, Ivar, Jacqui
Sitting - yours truly, Julius, Liz and Dennis

Thank you The Peninsula Manila for making our reunion such a wonderful one!!!

Please call 8872888 for reservations and details. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, All You Can Eat FOIE GRAS. 

I rest my case. 

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