Monday, May 19, 2014

Playland by MAC.

I cannot resist make up. I know I already have so much but whenever I go to a store, I cannot leave without having something to take home and add to my make up kit. 

MAC recently launched PLAYLAND in Rockwell and sure enough, I got me some goodies and added more to my wish list. 

Got my two colors, 10 more to go. 

Out of all the make up that I use and need, this is probably the one thing that I MUST have. With the heat lately, I don't want to have my eyebrows disappear as I sweat (especially in the gym). 

This waterproof brow by MAC is definitely on my wish list. 

Studio Sculpt Lash, must have you. 

I love all the colors! Will eventually get them all but right now, my lipstick supply is more than enough. 

My fellow make up lover, Alyanna Martinez. 

My loot for that day! So happy. 
Thank you MAC!!! 

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