Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Benguet Trip, On the Surface!

It never would have happened if not for Cathleen Summers, wife of the producer of Bourne Legacy. 

One night in Salon de Ning, I was introduced to CS by Linda Ley and the first thing that she asked me was, "Do you know that the Philippines is one of the biggest producers of gold in the world?"

I said, "YES! I know that but hold that thought!" I then pulled Bryan Yap, COO of Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company who happens to be partying with the whole fam, including me that night. 

Did I tell you that I am unofficially but definitely adopted by the Yap's? Anyway, I am!

Back to the story, Cathleen and Bryan started talking about gold and mining and all that other good stuff while I listened and drank!

At one point, someone said that there's a plan to go up to Benguet all together for a day trip! I thought it was the alcohol talking and none of the plans would push through. 

2 weeks later, I found myself in a private jet, waiting for the runway to clear for our departure.

 I noticed that even on NAIA, the traffic is still terrible! 
There was a line of planes waiting for their turn to depart. 

CYT and CS!

Bryan, our most gracious host!

Brett, a gold miner!

Your bloggerina, a gold digger.

An hour later we got to the compound...well that compound is around 4,000 plus hectares so it's really an exaggerated compound. It's a city! 

In Benguet, there was no waiting because Lepanto has its own landing strip. 

The first thing I noticed are the wonderful trees and flowers that are in full bloom. The fresh air was just divine! I could live here forever......ok not forever...maybe a week. But let me show you what I mean but if you are already following me in Twitter or Instagram, then I am sure you have seen these photos. 


The food we ate was fresh, delicious and prepared so perfectly that we all must have gained a few pounds overnight. 

Carabao's Milk Frosting on a very moist Chocolate Cake baked by the family cook.

This is only the side of the mansion where we stayed at. 

More on my trip in my next post! Stay tuned! 

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