Monday, February 13, 2012

Because I Can't Watch...

...the Grammy's, I have no choice but see the photos of the celebrities in yahoo.

I may not be a professional stylist or a certified fashionista but there are some outfits that made me cringe. Don't hate me if you are a fan of these people but I just want to share with you what I mean.

Jamie Grace, I don't even know who she is but her oriental top, 
huge cross earrings, fuchsia streak and cowboy boots.....gulp.

Alicia Arden....Naloka ako sa shoezay niya. 
Manang (our cook) wears that when she goes to the market. 

She lost so much weight. She could have gone a little classy but she opted to stay trashy. The bow on her hair is so laos na.

D'manti, also don't know her but I feel someone gave her tummy tuck and 
didn't sew her up that the blood is gushing out! 

Zamora trying to look cute. If he wanted to make a statement, 
he should have gone all the way with his costume. I have one word...HILAW.

Greta Bech. My 7 year old niece would pose this way. Who does that in the Grammy Awards?

Daniel Ho, and this poison ivy scarf says what exactly????

More to follow....

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