Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DOVE Hair Products!

I am lucky to have thick, long and black hair, aside from a few white hairs that I have Jacqueline pluck out. 

I have tried almost all the hair products, from the super expensive ones to the reasonable brands. Luckily, my scalp and hair are not very sensitive and work well together for as long as I go to the salon once in a while for treatment. 

I had my Keratin Treatment done about 7 months ago and my hair is back to its natural state. 

When I came upon DOVE hair care, I was more than excited to try it out. I have now been using it for 3 weeks and I have to tell you that my hair and I are very happy. I seriously see less hair on the floor. All the products, when used together and properly, leave my hair shiny, healthy and bouncy. I know, I sound like a commercial but it's true. Promise.

A hair care brand that's loved and respected around the world has finally arrived in the Philippines. Dove unveils its latest breakthrough and changes the face of hair care with Dove Damage Therapy. Born from the same legacy of quality and care in skincare, Dove’s latest hair care line boasts of a formulation that is proven effective versus competitors in the market. 

Known for products that deliver superior care, Dove is a brand committed to providing advanced care solutions through deeply nourishing and replenishing depleted hair that is experiencing dryness and damage. It has leveraged its legacy of quality and care to create a hair care range that uses superior moisturisation** and internal repair solution to take care of the damage and to restore hair’s beauty, softness and smoothness. 

Considered as World Hair Expert in Damage Care for its exceptional ability to repair internal and external damage, Dove Hair allows women to have fun with their hair while it takes care of the damage.

Available at all supermarkets!

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