Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Things Valentine's!

February 14. What a day. Half of the people in this world loves it and the other half hates it. There's no middle ground. 

It's good to be in love during this time of year, especially if your honey is the romantic kind. 

Today, an account executive of The Peninsula had the surprise of her life when her husband went to her office with a 4-man band to serenade her! Everyone who witnessed it cried. It was touching albeit cheesy. But can you really complain? The man of your life takes time out from work, hires singers, goes to your office and sings to you? It's all too mushy, but in a good way. 

The entire lobby of The Peninsula has been converted into one huge restaurant because it is expecting families, couples and friends to wine and dine amidst soft music, fragrant roses, and the Lobby's romantic ambience. It's truly amazing how some people are really into Valentine's.

As for me, I have stopped going out on Valentine's. The traffic, the parking, and the cost have totally turned me off. Now it doesn't mean that I am not romantic. I love romance. I am in love with romance. I am all for lovey-dovey things. But I guess it has come to a point where material things have become unnecessary to me. I suppose eating everyday at a five-star hotel has made me enured to the notion of dining out. I am obsessed with flowers, but only if I am using them in my forays into decoration. 

But really, I believe that a woman, especially a woman like me, only wants affection, loyalty and warmth. To be held nightly in a cuddly embrace. Perhaps, her hair to be stroked, and to be told how pretty she is would have a greater impact than a dozen of flowers. But unlike flowers, emotions will never die. A tender kiss to the love of your life is unforgettable. From your love, truly unforgettable.

Chocolates and pastries are good for family gatherings. My family will all dine together tonight and of course, at the end of our meal, dessert will be delightful treat, especially because made by AG. But then, that too disappears and actually will be the cause of regret because of the calories that will stay forever on the hips!

Now, I am not saying this just because I am in the business, but a piece of jewelry is a gift that can never, ever go wrong. For this Valentine's Day, CJ gave Lucille this pink spinel ring with diamonds all around. This is a perfect way to show love, and practicality, too, because she will get to wear it everyday and its value will go up, as time goes by. An endless symbol of love, indeed.

Probably the most romantic couple I know are Lucy and Richard. Lucy exudes so much love for Richard and those close to her say that you can't help but love her right back. With a face and heart like Lucy's, how can you not? 

I have also noticed that today, a lot of people opted to wear red, the color of love. I am guilty but instead of wearing red clothes, I opted to do it subtly by wearing my red shoes. 

Whenever I see the color red, I tend to make it a point to take a photo and post it in my instagram account! 

My Valentine's Day is no longer just a celebration with my partner. My Mom taught us to share and celebrate love with the whole family. And that's what is happening tonight. A feast at home with Daddy, siblings, lovers and children. I can't wait!

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