Friday, February 10, 2012

Katy Wears Joyce!

This woman needs no introduction. If you are reading my blog, that must mean you are interested somehow in jewelry. Well, Joyce Makitalo is also in the industry and her recent exciting story is one I must share with you. 

Candifier: How did Katy Perry get to know of your pieces? 
Joyce: Katy Perry saw one of my rings on my client, Loralee Soong. According to Loralee, Katy loved it. So Loralee tweeted me one very early morning and asked me if I had any rings available, but she needed it asap coz the Katy crew was already leaving. 

Candifier: How did you end up bringing it to KP? 
Joyce: I had like 10-15mins to bring it to her. I had a ring with me (which I've used a couple of times, no one would buy it since it was too big). I was checked in at the Peninsula at that time (stalking Edward Norton) so I thought I wouldn't make it to where she was in just 15 minutes. To my surprise, she told me she was at the Pen. 

Candifier: What did she say when she got it?
Joyce: Her crew and Loralee were the ones who gave it to her.

Candifier: Did you see her wear it? 
Joyce: Later on, Katy tweeted a picture of her hand with the ring, and I thought it was so awesome that she did. 

Candifier: Do you know where she wore it? 
Joyce: I had absolutely no idea that she would wear it when she spoke and performed at the NFL Awards 

BRAVO to this Philippine local jewelry designer who made a mark in the world filled with glamour and glitz called Hollywood thru Katy Perry.

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