Monday, February 13, 2012

Ayaw ni Lola.

I have no idea who these people are but if they dressed like this to get some attention, 

Sasha Gradiva wears all these weapons on her right arm and hand because she is into ANTI-GUN awareness? Seriously? Then why wear it? I sorta like the dress though. 3 letters for this one...KSP.

Bonnie Mckee, feeling niya ang haba haba ng hair niya!

Parang naloka na siya.

Robyn, ang sagwa nang pagka-tuck in ng shirt! SINO SHA?

Trying hard Katy Perry perhaps? 
The Skirt, The Bra, The Backless = Nadeea

I do like her shoezay. 

Kim K's boobs are just spilling all over!!! (Wait, I am not even sure if this was at the Grammy's.)

Parang may-gatas!


Anonymous said...

Parang may gatas! Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Robyn is a super talented Swedish pop star. She's been around long a long time.