Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Benguet Mansion.

Of course I haven't forgotten to show you where I stayed during my trip to Benguet. 

I was given two choices. The Japanese inspired-house or the main Executive house. I wanted to tour both first before deciding. That's what KLAZZY people do. 

First, Japanese. 

This would have been my bedroom. True to it's culture, the mattresses were laid low on the floor. I love it this way because I am scared of moomoos and this way, I am sure no one is under my bed. I also love the white washed walls and simple colors of black and white with the dark wood. 

The living room also is easy on the eyes because of the gray, black and white furniture. The sunlight playfully enters through huge windows. The fireplace made of stones and black copper reminds me that I am up in the woods.  The seats are all low and simple just as a Japanese home would have.

It's all about the details. 

The breakfast corner has a view of the magnificent garden. 
The wall and ceiling connect to create space and illusion of a high ceiling. 

Outside the balcony were black wrought iron chairs with black cushions. 
Against the colorful garden, the contrast is amazing to the eyes. 

And now, the Executive House.

The highest ceiling in a private home that I have ever seen. There are 3 living rooms, 1 bar, 1 dining room, kick-ass balcony, entertainment room, 4 bedrooms (not including the service area), a modern kitchen that can feed an army and a beautiful garden. 

I stayed here because the house is fit for a princess and since I am a self-declared Queen, 
this would be the place for me. 

Living room.

The Masters Bedroom. 

 Dining room. 

The balcony. 

The view.

The fountain.

Bryan, your bloggerina, Cathleen and Christine.

Can't wait to go back. Thank you once again to my Yap Family. 

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