Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Benguet Kids Need Books!!

Felipe U. Yap Community Library. Felipe U. Yap built this library beside the Lepanto Elementary School and Lepanto National High School to encourage students to read. 

It's well equipped with tables and chairs and shelves but what is missing are more books. And as much as the Yap Family buy for the library, with over 3,000 children who love to read, the kids tend to have a long waiting list to be able to borrow a book. 

The children are so anxious to read and that is always a good sign of progress.

I am asking my kind hearted friends who know the importance of reading, to please donate old books that the Benguet children can use. Old magazines are also welcome because the housewives of the miners also love to read and learn new techniques for their livelihood program which company has set up for them. 

Paaralang Elementarya ng Lepanto. We visited the classroom and saw their textbooks. Some of the textbooks were published as far back as 1999. They could use some updated books. Since they don't have enough, 2-3 children share 1 book so if you have any sources for textbooks, please do what you can to help.

The Lepanto Hospital. I have never seen a hospital that's cleaner and more orderly than this one. I was ecstatic to know that there were only less than 10 people checked in. More than half of them in the maternity ward. Everyone is healthy! Must be the fresh air.

Can you imagine being operated on with this kind of view? 

For your donations, please email me at

Thank you so very much!!!

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