Friday, July 29, 2011


Seriously, I must have about a dozen products of BEABI at home. It just something that is necessary to keep little things organized. When I travel, the plastic containers for liquids is the best. It never leaks and whatever I put in stays uncontaminated. I have about 5 different kinds of chargers that I bring everyday with me and the BEABI bag with numerous compartments keep them organized and protected.

When I got an invitation to the collaboration launch of BEABI with Rajo Laurel, Kim Chiu and Manny Pacquiao, I put my dinner with the family on hold just so I can witness this wonderful tie up.

As soon as I arrived, I saw the very beautiful guests, friends and family that love BEABI as much as I do.

Your bloggerina with host, Tessa Valdes....

...and with the gorgeous Kim Chiu.
And now the bags.




Congratulations Willin Chan and Winnie Go!! BEABI forever!!

Follow them on twitter! I LOVE BEABI!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hwag Tamarin.

Dear Readers,

Upon the suggestion of an avid supporter of my blog, she had instructed me to take out the Reaction box where in you click if it is "Interesting, Hilarious, Bongga...etc.."

To make a long story short......


Yun lang po. :)

Love always,


Due to Popular Demand.

Grabe ha!!! Ang daming nag-te-text sa akin that you want me to post more of my birthday wish list. Naiiyak ako sa kindness niyo pero when I see myself in the mirror, all I can say is "Ang kapal ng mukha mo sister!!"

Ito na....PAKAPALAN Part 2! Patigasan nalang ng fez!!!

Contact lenses cleaner solution.

Calamansi Juice Concentrate.

ZOE, red chair from Minotti.

Smart cover for iPad.

iPad screen protector.

iPhone 3GS case. (My old one broke na.)

Portable mirror with LED light! (

Lipstick palette by Suesh. (

Smart Cover enhancer for my iPad.

Chanel nailpolish

A live BONSAI! They are really my favorite kind of plant.

Black hair ties.

iPod Nano. (red please)

16 piece make up brush set by Suesh.

O ayan na ha!!! I am sure other people who are not my close friends think that I am so yabang. But I think it makes a very fun and useful read. And doesn't it make your life easier? Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!

Attention Star World.

I swear, I need my own TV show. Ang galing galing ko!!! Should I buy an artista van already?

BUT....I swear to you, I shall never ever put my hair back in a ponytail. Mukha akong siopao!!!!! KAKAINIS!!!

Thanks PREVIEW for being my stepping stone to STARDOME. Anne Curtis Smith, step aside, Candifier is here. (CHOZ!!!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zen Zest Fragrance Diffusers!

I love promoting locally made products especially when they are actually products that I have tried and tested to be of good quality.

My bedroom has never smelled so fresh since I started using the Zen Zest Fragrance Diffusers. I also put one in my bathroom because having a good smelling toilet is very very important.

If you have some kind of faith in my purchasing skills, please go out and buy this product now and start using it right away. I don't think I will ever stop using them for my house. I like it THAT much.

Zen Zest, the local authority on scents, recently added fragrance diffusers to its extensive roster of products. Decorative and safe to use, diffusers can make any space prettier and fragrant without the need to light a flame. Available in three variants aptly labeled Prosperity, Love and Happiness, Zen zest diffusers help you commune with the universe and attract what you desire most in any room of your home and even at your office.

The combination of Mandarin orange, nutmeg and cinnamon in the bottle of Prosperity is a magnet for money and success. The blend of luscious vanilla and exquisite fig makes Love an aphrodisiac that intensifies romance. The citrus mix of grapefruit and lime in Happiness encourages laughter and joy.

Fill the air with the right scent with Zen Zest Fragrance Diffusers for only P600.00. Now available in all Zen Zest outlets nationwide.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pakapalan Na To!!

Dear Family and friends who are texting me about what I want for my birthday,

I am celebrating my birthday soon and I know that you have been racking your brain as to what to get me. You may think that I already have everything but on the contrary, I don't.

I have simple wishes and no, it is not peace and love for the world. I am more materialistic than that. Hahaha.

So just so you know what brings a smile to my face, I will give you ideas on what I would appreciate.

My Keratin Complex hair products are almost gone.
Available at Straight and Smooth and Piandre Salon.
My favorite!!! Croissants!!
Dove body wash. Cedric Cid may have these in his warehouse.
A bathrobe for easy access. (wink wink)
Can you believe I don't have one at home?

Bathroom mats, I know right? Ang babaw but I really find them useful.
Sana white or cream lang. No prints please.
Scented candles.
A wine holder! Our house is quite modern, FYI.
A dog house for Boo. I would appreciate even a used one.
It may not be La Mer but it works for me!!

Slippers! Size 8 please. :)
Earphones for my iPhone.
Wireless headphones for TV.
Only in Japan.

A camera case for my new Canon S95!

Don't think that these are all I want. There's a whole lot more but I am saving the high ticket items for AG. (Bwa ha ha ha)

For those who asked for you go!! Now get off the computer and shop!!! Now na! :)