Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Junjun Ablaza Goes Wild!

I have never seen so many people wearing animal prints under one roof before. When I entered the 7th High club, I instantly felt like roaring.

Of course, the installation of Junjun's accessory line was out of this world!! The center piece reached the ceiling and was made up of mannequins with plants and feathers on their heads. Only Junjun Ablaza can do this and get away with it. What I couldn't get away from are the outfits of the guests!!! Not that I wanted to get away but I felt stupid for not having worn mine. They showed their support and love to Junjun by wearing the attire Jun requested for. ANIMALE.

Check it out.

Kwento ko lang....I am actually in this photo below but since na-insecure ako sa sobrang kapayatan ni Michele Sison, CROP lang ang sagot!!

The Journey Series I, WILD THINGS.

Tessa Valdes, your bloggerina and AG.
Congratulations Junjun for a job well done!!! I can't wait to see Series 2.

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