Friday, July 8, 2011

Top Shop and Preview Mag!!

What the hell do I wear??? That's what I asked Dennis and Rosette when we decided that we would go to this event. It says "Brit High Street" for the attire.

Potcha, I don't do these things well. I am a simple girl with a simple look. I did bring my Tabitha Simmons, Oxford inspired shoes because that's all I could think of. Anyway, Dennis, Rosette and I shopped and he decided for me to buy this linen trench coat/jacket/blazer kinda thing. I felt comfortable and that's all that matters. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of myself this evening so I don't have anything to show you.

When we got to Opus, I was amazed at how people really dress up and make an effort to follow the dress code!! Winner!!! Here are the beautiful people that came to support Preview Magazine and celebrate the 10 years of TOP SHOP in the country.

RAJO LAUREL looks oh-so-cute!!! You should keep the glasses!!!


My brother, Chad, checking out the party scene in Manila. How lucky is he to have a photo with The uber hawt, JAE P?

The hostess, Sanya Smith.
Dennis L. wanted me to show you her sizzling hot stockings!

A close up of Olivia because she was wearing a Jul Dizon creation!!

Goofing around with Ferdi Salvador!
The Preview party peeps!! Thank you for giving us a magnificent time as we all celebrate 10 years of Topshop in Manila!!

Agoo showing off her Janina piece.

My gang and I voted Pauline Suaco-Juan as best dressed. We all loved her whole look! I swear, when I get to be as thin as her, I will wear exactly what she is wearing in this photo. (Maybe in my next lifetime.)

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