Monday, July 25, 2011

Pakapalan Na To!!

Dear Family and friends who are texting me about what I want for my birthday,

I am celebrating my birthday soon and I know that you have been racking your brain as to what to get me. You may think that I already have everything but on the contrary, I don't.

I have simple wishes and no, it is not peace and love for the world. I am more materialistic than that. Hahaha.

So just so you know what brings a smile to my face, I will give you ideas on what I would appreciate.

My Keratin Complex hair products are almost gone.
Available at Straight and Smooth and Piandre Salon.
My favorite!!! Croissants!!
Dove body wash. Cedric Cid may have these in his warehouse.
A bathrobe for easy access. (wink wink)
Can you believe I don't have one at home?

Bathroom mats, I know right? Ang babaw but I really find them useful.
Sana white or cream lang. No prints please.
Scented candles.
A wine holder! Our house is quite modern, FYI.
A dog house for Boo. I would appreciate even a used one.
It may not be La Mer but it works for me!!

Slippers! Size 8 please. :)
Earphones for my iPhone.
Wireless headphones for TV.
Only in Japan.

A camera case for my new Canon S95!

Don't think that these are all I want. There's a whole lot more but I am saving the high ticket items for AG. (Bwa ha ha ha)

For those who asked for you go!! Now get off the computer and shop!!! Now na! :)

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