Monday, July 18, 2011

Crayola Nail Polish.

Jacqui saw them, liked it and bought it from Walmart. Brought it back to Manila and I saw it, liked it and used it.

I have one word for it. REGRET.

The colors are cute, especially for a 14 year old. They are scented too. I put them on while Jacqui was telling me stories about her day in school. After one hand, she said, "Mom, make sure you take them off before after 3-4 days because the color sort of stays on your finger even after nail polish remover."

The very next day, I took it off. I mean, I TRIED to take it off.

It left a stain on my finger! No matter how much nail polish remover I used, it wouldn't work! I got scared that the chemicals have been absorbed and somehow got into my blood stream! (PANIC MODE)

Not only did I look like a half baked HULK, it made me look so UN-KLAZZZY.

I had to file my nails and scrape off the color. AYOKO siya.

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Pia M said...

Flop, sisterette! SCARY flop!