Monday, July 11, 2011

Preview Ball, 2011

The place was PACKED!!!! It was almost impossible to move around. Everyone was dressed to bring down the house with GROOVE!!!

I was there to support my friends that made it to the 10 Best Dressed list of Preview. My sister-in-law, Lucille is also in the list which made the whole family proud.

Thank you Tina Daniac for letting me use some of your photos! You looked hot!
Only Liz Uy can carry this look. Amazing!

Ms. Keri Zamora, one of Preview's best dressed choices for 2011!

These two couldn't take their hands off from each other. Or their lips!
I consider Mich Dulce the Ultimate COCO BANANA Muse. She rocked it to the last curl in her real hair. (Not wig as Georgina mistook it for.)
Tina Tagle and Grace Velasco came and cheered for Keri while looking hot themselves!
Pia Magalona got on stage and boogied on down with DIVA's from Club Moi.

Watch it here.
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