Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion in US Supermarkets.

I did a lot of the grocery in the US. In fact it has become such a pleasant thing to do when I travel. I must have gotten the grocery bug from Steffie. Anyway, I would usually wear jeans, t-shirt and slippers. I would however try to put on a little bit of make up and brushed my hair. I wanted to look at least half decent.

But these photos of people I am about to post is really crazy. It is an email that I received that is entitled, "USA Walmart Strikes Again!"

I don't know what these people are thinking. Going out of the house looking like this is beyond me. Anyway, see for yourself and I do hope that you have a good laugh because I surely did.


Forget the shirt! The pants will cover them puppies up anyway.

This kind of top doesn't require one to wear a bra. Or does it??

Gotta hide that tummy! I don't feel too confident to show off my body just yet.

Please tell me she's wearing a THONG!!!!

Pee-a-boo back is so in fashion right now!

This is not a magic trick. It's what I call a two sided butt crack! Better 2 than none.

I will not go back in the store with you! I paid for these melons!!!

Spring/Summer Fashion Forecast for 2o11. Layering is a must.

This is what I call a double whammy!!!

Taking those flip flops off won't make a difference, honey.

Even the high sided ponytail makes me cringe.

Yeah, the ankle weights are going to make a BIG difference!!

I think I am going to make these pajama pants into shorts!!!
I think she clipped them a tad bit too much!

Cougar to the highest degree!!

Is that injured foot from kicking your own ass for wearing that out in public??

Hmmm pies or plain bread???

This better not be MY Grandma!!!

Exactly how many sizes too small would you say this outfit is??

Look carefully! Can't believe more than one person actually bought these shorts!!

Where is StyleBible when you need them???


Green Dei / Daryll said...

Oh boy! women in US has a thing of their own. :)

Anonymous said...

ewwww check out the trash

Anonymous said...

Ano ba! Kaderts!