Friday, July 8, 2011

Dressing Up my iPad.

As some of you may know...I already have an iPad2. FINALLY!!!! But guess what?? I find myself not using it as much as I thought I would. I mean, my iPhone can do all the things I need to do in terms of communicating, Facebooking, Tweeting and posting photos. I don't play games much except for Solitaire which puts me to sleep.

Anyway, when I got it, I was almost sure of the cover that I wanted for it. I am a RED girl and this is as simple as I wanted it to be.

But now, I have changed my mind. I want this one from Montblanc. It seems boring and character less but it's the classic simplicity, quality of leather and the brand that draws me to it.

So, since my birthday is coming up, I would like to assign this gift to Janina and Toby. THANK YOU GUYS!!!! LOVE YA to BITS!!

Montblanc, a brand renowned for its timeless pieces, has launched two new luxury accessories – Meisterstück covers suitable for both iPhones and iPads. The protective covers, made from the famous Meisterstück leather, are expected to become highly coveted accessories among business people, technology enthusiasts and people on the move.

With the launch of these two products, Montblanc demonstrates that while deeplyrooted in the greatest tradition of craftsmanship, it bridges tradition with the latesttechnology.

The iPhone has become a modern icon of design and functionality. This elegant and sophisticated Meisterstück leather accessory is designed to protect the current iPhone models against the elements.

With the emergence of tablet computers on the market in recent months, Montblanc has responded by developing a case to hold these masterpieces of technology with style and effortless elegance. The slim case comes in Meisterstück black leather and is compatible with the current iPad.

Each piece features the Montblanc star, the brand’s emblem inspired by the snow-capped peak of Europe’s highest summit – the Mont Blanc. The star-shaped symbol has become synonymous with timeless excellence and pioneering perfection.

Montblanc established its reputation as a master of craftsmanship with the creation of the Meisterstück, a writing instrument that has been regarded for over 85 years as a timeless icon of design and craftsmanship. Praised for its superior quality, the Meisterstück has become the most famous and sought after writing instrument of our time. The MontblancMeisterstück Leather Collection is the modern interpretation of the world-renowned design of Meisterstück writing instruments. Thus each item from the collection, whether covers suitable for holding iPhones and iPads, briefcases or cardholders, is produced to conjure the meaning of its namesake and therefore be a meticulously handcrafted “masterpiece” as well as an enduring investment classic to be nurtured for future generations.

These distinctive pieces have been masterly crafted at Montblanc’s luxury accessories workshop in Florence by artisans highly skilled at manipulating leathers and other precious skins with traditional techniques.

The new Meisterstück covers suitable for iPhones and iPads are exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati Shangri-La Plaza and Newport City Mall.

Oh and by the way, just in case you see this one, I want it too.

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JDHoschka said...

Uhm I think you forgot that I gave you an early bday pressie.. Ks