Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Zoo Vs. Manila Zoo.

We could learn a lot from San Diego Zoo. I was just there a month ago and I had an amazing time seeing how the animals are healthy, well fed and very active. They may be in captivity but they live in a habitat that is almost like home to them.

The biggest worry about Manila Zoo is Mali, the elephant.

Although most of the time elephants adjust very well to being in captivity, they are social; especially the females so having at least two of them together is important. They can suffer from depression if one of them dies due to the strong bonds that they form. They can also show strong emotions that indicate to those caring for them that they aren’t doing well with the environment they are a part of.

This is why Mali, the lone elephant in Manila Zoo seem to be emotionally distressed. How many years has he been alone?

The elephants in San Diego zoo are a herd. They have activities to keep their minds working and active.

Vultures! See how high and spacious their "home" is? They need this much space for them to make use of their wings. They are kept healthy and strong.

It may be my imagination but I see a smile on this tall fella.

Don't worry about the dog inside Bakka's cage. The Miley, the dog, is placed with him because apparently, the dog makes the cheetah feel calm and relaxed.

The crocs in San Diego Zoo had an ample amount of space.
Same with the turtles.
If you look closely, this Momma Hippo has a baby swimming around with her. The animals are so healthy here that they are able to have babies even in captivity. You should have seen how happy they were.
The birds with all their feathers.

The trick is to mimic the natural habitat of the animals in captivity. This way, they do not suffer from depression.

Your bloggerina by the elephant's ass! Don't worry, it is a statue.

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