Friday, March 25, 2011


AG is very picky when it comes to attending my events. He would rather stay home with the kids while I do my work/party. I get home to see him watching TV or playing dinosaurs with his boy.

But a week before the 19th, I told him that Rajo will be lauching his new colletion for RAJOMAN. I knew that he would never say no to this and was actually quite excited about the launch.

When we got there, this is what we saw...

Rajo was busy so we decided to shop away...AG didn't know where to start looking. He doesn't shop too often but I know that deep inside him is a shopaholic. I just need to awaken the "devil" inside.

After a few minutes, Rajo came up to us holding a black and white shirt and said, "THIS is what I want for you." and had to run off to another buyer.

We went into the dressing room, in one hand a glass of white wine and the other the shirt Rajo handed him. This is what he looked wearing it.

We both loved it on him. It's amazing how Rajo knew exactly what AG would like. He wanted to wear it on the spot. I had to force him to take it off so he could use it to Green Couture. After a few minutes of playful arguing, he finally gave in. And then he said, let's go outside and look for more.

I have created a monster.

While he was looking at the clothes, I bumped in to a few friends who are also RAJOMAN lovers.

A complete outfit make-over. Jigs came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, found out that he had an event to go to that evening so he stripped off a mannequin and got all dolled up. RAJOMAN all the way.

Goddess of the night....right Jae?? Hihihi.

Rich kid, CJ and his mum!

Richard came wearing this shirt.....
....and left wearing his RAJOMAN. Love it!!!

These are the YAP MEN. They dominated the RAJOMAN Ambassadors.
Jujin and Paolo are too cute for words. Seriously. They remind me of Mario and Luigi.

It was a good shopping experience but AG did tell me, "It would have been better if I stayed at home. The wine and the shopping for clothes can be very addicting." He apparently ordered another shirt and pants. He also wants to go back for more but I have to calm him down. He has to save his money for MY SHOPPING NEEDS!!!!

Here he is wearing his RAJOMAN in Green Couture.
Congratulations Rajo!!!!

*some photos are courtesy of Rajo's blog.

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