Friday, March 4, 2011

Femme Noir, A Short Film of Style.

Click here to watch.
Femme Noir | The Philippine Star Lifestyle Features YStyle

I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. To blink would be a waste of time. I was hooked from the start. Love the music. The whole production was amazingly done. The fashionable and beautiful ladies and man did an outstanding job making this short film something that I will always look back to as one of the firsts in the fashion industry.

A YStyle fashion film inspired by ’40s noir, this movie mystery stars 11 stylish femmes. Marga Valdes, Kylie Padilla, Lucille Dizon, Nadine Howell, Dina Tantoco, Garovs Garovillo, Valerie Weigmann, Sam Sadhwani, Michelle Barrera, Olivia D'Aboville and Pauline Prieto stalk the halls of the historic Manila Hotel in a film by director Paolo Pineda, director of photography Dondi Narciso and second director Ejay Leung.


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