Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alice and Grace.



When you see the circle of friends of Alice and Grace, you would never think that they are one of the few groups of mine, that I can make full use of my gay talk skill. In other words, fellow badings ko ang mga to.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not jejemon talk. It's what I call parlor talk. With that said, I will mix my parlor talk with a bit of English on this post because I still want to please my foreign readers. NAKS!! ZOZZY!!

Anyway, bonggang bongga yung party ni Ate Alice sa Dasma. I felt kawawa with our car because we parked it next to all sorts of Benz, Audi, BMW, Porche and Jaguar. Chaka ng car namin ni AG. I won't say na what car we brought...mamaya stalk niyo pa ako. BWA HA HAHA!!

The house is brand new. New floors, new walls, new roof, new ceiling, new kitchen...LAHAT BAGO! Not only was it new, the house was HUGE!!! Ok, the story is...she lived in the house next door. You know the lots in Dasma, they are cut so huge as it is right? Well, when her neighbor decided to sell their lot, she bought it, tore the wall down and built her new house on that lot. So basically, the old house is now the POOL house...because now, she has 2 pools in one lot. ANO BA YAN!! ANAK ng DIYOS talaga!!

What I noticed first about the house though were the flower arrangements. You know naman how flowers remind me of Mom so yun yung una kong nakita. Siyempre MABOLO lang naman. O DIBA? KLAZZZ!!!

I had to take the tour around the mansion para naman ma-imagine ko what it's like to be a gazillionaire. She hasn't moved in yet. Like my Mom, she is waiting for the right position of the moon before moving in. Check this out.

Just one of the swimming pools.

UMM, ano...sabi sa inyo bongga eh!!! But wait, there's also the food spread. Florabel, part owner of FELIX was there to make mando-mando her staff. Grabe naman sa sobrang sarap and efficient yung mga waiters! Panalo!

Si Leo Posadas, hindi ko ma-hire hire dahil medyo mahal siya. Sikat kasi eh and sobrang galing. Gulat ko lang when I saw him doing the make up of Small for this party.

The beautiful people that attended and showed their love to Grace and Alice.

We were entertained by Shayne and the Brown Union, my favorite band in Salon De Ning. I actually just watched them the night before and was surprised to see them again.
Ms. Pops Fernandez looking hot!!
She sang a few songs for the crowd! We all loved it. Free concert! Nasaan na si Martin when you need him?

Your bloggerina with friends.

Happy Happy Birthday Ate Alice and Grace!!! AG and I had a wonderful time!! Next time, hihiram ako ng BENZ sa Peninsula para maka-level naman ako. HAHAHA!!!


Pia M said...

I have to say, your friend's digs are very tasteful. This is my favorite entry of yours, thus far. You also look GREAT in these pics! Write like this ALWAYS, ok! MWA!

Anonymous said...

Wow pops! I remember pops :)

Candifier said...

Thank you sistah from anotha motha!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Thanks much Candy!!! Love love love!!!